Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm keeping busy making hair clips for the rest of my spring shows, but I had to post these silhouettes that I just ordered. Aren't silhouettes just so cool? I wish that I had the skill to paint them of my family, but I don't, so when I found this seller on etsy that could make them for me, I had to order them.

These are my kids, I have them for my whole family to frame and hang.... somewhere. It's still in debate.


Little Lovables said...

These are so cute! One fellow blogger http://www.nieniedialogues.blogspot.com/ takes profile photos of her family and then cuts them out, paints them black and glues them onto paper to frame for homemade silohettes.

Yours turned out really cute!

Katie said...

*LOVE* these! Am totally going to order.

PS How the heck do you have time to craft??

The Calls said...

love these.